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(CP) And we're off..........


A week in and we've finally managed to set up our blog. We've decided to do one together so as not to bore you all with 2 lots of essays on what we've been up to. Its been 6 years since i was travelling and thankfully the cyber world has come on leaps and bounds since then, what a perfect invention 'A Blog'! You only have to read it if you want to instead of us clogging up your inbox and we only have to write it once.
The plan is to use this for our memories too so if we go into too much detail then we won't blame you for not reading it. Saying that, i think Laura managed a whole 2 group emails last time she went travelling and i don't remember being that much better so maybe i'm running ahead of myself.

First things first, i'd like to back track a bit to the week before we left. Emotional, sad, apprehensive, excited and finally feeling like we are really going are but some of the things going on in my head. You all know how long we have been planning it and also the many reasons behind it and Thank you all for such a great send off. I feel so lucky to have such a great family and group of friends and i know Laura feels the same. Who knows what we have in store for our adventure but i do know i will miss you all loads and look forward to seeing you again next year!!

So enough of the heart to heart and on to the very 1st part of our trip.... making sure we get the B****y flight!!
With months of planning or lack of it seems, we got off to a slightly stressful start. With my alarm not going off and Laura telling me to go to terminal 4, i head on my way at 6am with no phone. Slight panic when i get to T4 to be told Virgin fly from T3! I reach the check in desk with no sign of Laura, no ticket and the lady telling me that the desk is closing in 15 mins. This is a reminder of the beauty of mobile phones, although i can not wait to be without one. I find a pay phone and call Laura, who is stuck in a traffic jam but thankfully arrives 4 minutes before closing.!!!
We rush through departures, with only a moment to spare to grab a Latte' and we're off................


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